Jillian Hamilton is the founder of The Safety Governance Institute, which is the leading global association for boards, chief executive officers, safety professionals, governance professionals, directors and risk managers for Safety Governance. Jillian is also known as the Managing Director of Manage Damage, an Australian risk management advisory firm.

As a well-known speaker and mentor, Jillian’s great natural ability to form positive relationships has made her known throughout the entrepreneurial world for being a strong and insightful business leader.

Following her extensive career across many industries, Jillian saw the need to approach safety and risk in a different way. Her vast knowledge on health and safety has seen many businesses save millions of dollars in Damage Costs.

Jillian has completed various Governance studies including a Graduate Diploma of Professional Practice in Safety Governance. Her impressive academic background consists of a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety & the Environment. Jillian has studied the complete set of key skill sets for risk, ranging from ergonomics to economics, ecometrics, environmental law and politics.

Jillian has been responsible for two patents regarding her unique design of Risk Dollarisation and has authored a book on the same topic: her latest publication – Safety Governance in Practice.

She has launched a Podcast ‘The Damage’ and a Magazine of the same name, both committed to discussion of the current safety issues, challenges and opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. It offers practical tools, solutions and suggestions to problems that plague the market.

Described as being generous with her time, Jillian has volunteered and raised money for a variety of organisations. Jillian’s work is not only local, but also includes other parts of the world, where she has travelled to places such as Uganda, Costa Rica and Guatemala to volunteer her time.

When asked what Jillian’s philosophy for life is, she remarked,”We get one shot at living and I want to say that if I died tomorrow I had no regrets, I tried everything and didn’t leave any stones unturned.” This is shown by her career highlights and achievements, and has contributed to Jillian appearing on TV, radio, winning awards, publishing articles and books, and speaking at many events.

As a well-connected, inspirational game changer, whose mission is to raise the profile on risk and safety within the workplace, Jillian’s one goal is to make businesses self-sustainable so they can stand on their own as soon as possible. Her strong leadership skills and innovative ideas have led to her quickly becoming a valued thought leader within the industry.